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Pancho Villa's Farmer's Market

Well, the Weather Forecasters lied. It's turning out to be a beautiful day today in San Diego. Not a cloud in the sky. But it looks like rain tomorrow. Oh well. Time to take advantage.

Initially, I would going to a place I haven't been to before in North Park, but F me I couldn't find any parking anywhere. I'm very parking adverse in which I don't have patience to hunt for parking and if it's a place I really don't need to be, I'll just leave. Not really good for building up content hehe. I'll try again another time. While I close to the exit to go on the freeway, I remembered Pancho Villa was close by so I decided to go there.

Pancho Villa Farmer's Market is a Mexican supermarket, much like Northgate and Carnival, but maybe at a smaller scale. It's been my go-to for Mexican groceries. They have pretty much everything, fresh produce, meat section, bread, fresh made tortilla stations and a drink stall.

One thing you'll see before entering the supermarket is a Taco stall window, where they sell assorted tacos at reasonable prices.

I'm not sure if they closed it down or if it's only operating at certain hours. Years ago I would always get tacos before or after getting groceries. They had a full setup, complete with all the meats ready to serve and even an adobada spit where they would carve the meats fresh. They used the in-house tortilla which was excellemnt. Lately, it seems like that stand is mostly empty the times I've been there so not sure the status

As far as the fresh produce, you can usually find whatever you need, and at a good price.

They have a bakery with desserts and fresh bread. There is also a good range of dried chilis, which is good for when I want to make Birria.

There are stalls where fresh corn and flour tortilla are made. Also, a wide array of chips. I assume they probably make their own tortilla chips but not sure which ones are their brand.

There's even fresh corn masa in case you want to form your own tortillas.

These brand of chips are awsome. They are thin and light. My new favorite.

They also have a good selection in their Meat/Butcher department. I've purchase quite a bit of carne asada, pork adobada and chorizo from there. There also a good array of Oaxacan cheese and they also have bone marrow bones which I always get when I make birria.

There's a lot of freshly made salsa to choose from.

Also some ceviche and desserts such as flan and tres leche cake.

The hot food section is pretty impressive and a great value.

You can get anything from carnitas, chicharron, birra, fried chicken and others. You can buy a single combo plate which is usually $9.99.

Pictured: Birria plate from a previous visit. Came with about 6 corn tortillas

I decided to get a Family place with 1 lbs. of carnitas, container of rice and beans, some peppers and a bunch of corn tortillas.

The carnitas were pretty moist with a good mix of fat. It's alot of food at a great value and will last me a couple of days or so.

While Northgate Market may be bigger, I don't have one that close to me. Carnival in Kearney Mesa is actually closer and I do go there once in a while, but I prefer the tortillas from Pancho Villa. Carnival's tortillas have this certain texture I can't explain but they don't really hold up without frying it a little. Pancho Villa has been part of my rotation and for a good reason.

Pancho Villa's Farmer's Market

3245 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA 92104

Mon - Sun: 7AM - 9PM

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I share your parking aversion — I will park miles away sometimes and just walk to avoid the dreaded mishmash of people and cars and carts in tiny spaces. No good can come of that. I was just at this Pancho Villa a few weekends ago and the line for tortillas snaked down the middle of the store. There’s also an outpost in San Ysidro, definitely a smaller footprint but same great tortillas being made on site!

Feb 05
Replying to

Glad I’m not the only on in San Diego that hates the parking situation. That’s why I hate it when a new restaurant opens on Convoy street

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