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Hawaiian Fresh Seafood (Sorrento Valley/Mira Mesa)

I usually get my haircut every month in Penasquitos by a lady I've been going to for 25+ years. So while I'm down that area, I try to hit some food spots in the Mira Mesa area, usually Filipino Food like Jollibee, Red Ribbon, or the Filipino spot in that strip mall (I forget the name). Usually I end up at Hawaiian Fresh Seafood then go to Dot & Dough for filled Malasada (although I've read that Dot and Dough has closed, but will re-emerge at the new Zion Market Location). This is the 3rd weekend in a row that I've had Poke. Not sure why the craving. My sister says I should just go to Hawaii. Starngely enough, Hawaii isn't high on the list of places to travel, but I'm sure I'd enjoy it if/when I eventually go. This has been part of my regular rotation.

Anyway, Hawaiian Fresh Seafood started in 2006 in Oahu, Hawaii as a seafood wholesaler. In 2019, they relocated their headquarters to San Diego. The Market opened later in 2019 to not only sell fish directly to customers, but also offer poke and other cooked dishes. It not onkly had a fish and poke counter, but a pull kitchen serving seafood dishes such as fish and chips, etc. The retail market started at a smaller location in Sorrento Valley in a Business Park (not far from it's new current location). Business was always bustling at the old location, with lines out the door and parking and dining tables sometimes being scarce. The counters and kitchen were pretty small considering how much business they do, but it was always clean and efficient. They added a location at Point Loma Liberty Station, which I haven't visited yet.

HFS moved to the new location (Centerpark Labs) in Sorrento Valley, not that far from the old location. It is a good upgrade from the previous spot as parking is more plentiful (at least on weekends), and the outside dining area is much nicer (new furniture).

The menu is pretty varied considering they are mainly a seafood wholesaler. You have the standard Poke bowls/plates: small bowl (1 protein), medium bowl (2 protein), and Poke Plate (3 protein). Choice of white/brown rice or salad. There's also Poke Nachos (1 protein). You can also get a la carte containers of various sizes.

They offer several plates, sandwiches and small bites. I will eventually try the plates, but for me, this place is all about the poke.

Although, there are usually lines out the door, they have separate line for poke and all other dishes.

The inside is a pretty good size. There are some dining tables inside, but not many (about 4). Most of the people dine outside or do takeout.

The types of poke are always rotating, usually daily. You can get the lineup of poke flavors and fish offerings (for filets) on their Instagram page. Usually they will offer shoyu ahi, garlic and furikake Salmon, tako and albacore in various flavor combinatiobs.

This is not the Poke One and a Half style Poke. There is no chipotle-type section of additions like edaname, ginger, cucumber etc. The only thing they add is dried seaweed.

Here are some pics of my past visits (some from the old location)

Once in a while, I would mix it up and get the Poke Nachos

This was actually pretty good. They use fried wonton as the chips. They add avocado, sesame seeds, green onion, and some type of sauce/aoli. You only get a choice of one protein (which I think I did shoyu ahi). It was quite filling and I would defintely get it again.

I also tried the Pork Belly Bao.

This was extremely good. The bun was soft and pretty fresh. It was topped with pickled vegetables, chili threads and toragashi mayo. A perfect bite!

For this visit, I got Poke Plate with Wasabi Masago Salmon, Garlic Salmon and Shoyu Ahi.

Now, for the quality of the fish, HFS is the best is San Diego so far for me. The fish is consistently top quality. Always tender and soft, with little or no sinew. One main thing that HFS is consistent on is their flavors/marinades. At most other places where I chose the Spicy Tuna, usually when I eat it, I'm uaully like "that's considered spicy?". At HFS, if it says spicy, you will damn well know it is spicy. With the Wasabi Masago Salmon today, there was a massive kick from the wasabi, to the point where I had to take a break from it and take a bigger bite of the rice to calm things down. They got their flavors down right.

Having not been to Hawaii, I don't have any real authentic poke to compare it to, but I imagine HFS is the closest thing, at least in San Diego. HFS remains the gold standard for Poke in San Diego, for now.

Hawaiian Fresh Seafood (Centerpark Labs)

6835 Flanders Dr.

San Diego, CA 92121

Mon - Sun: 10am - 8pm

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I finally made it to the new location and, just with the last location, I got lost trying to find it. No matter, still the best poke around. Some day I too hope to try their other entrees but the poke is so very good that I can never resist!

Feb 20
Replying to

Yeah it’s good to have a good coverage of poke in San Diego. Between 8th and B down south, HSF in Sorrento, and their Liberty Station location I between, we have pretty good coverage


HFS is at least to me, the closest I can get to "home" Denver. Though I'm not a big fan of poke made with salmon. The Manager of HFS at Centerpark is Hope who is from Aiea and we have some nice conversations. HFS at Liberty Station is quite small with only a selection of 6 poke. You might as well come to Hawai'i you could get poke from a different place twice a day if you wanted too.

Feb 19
Replying to

Of course I found HFS through your blog hahah. Thanks again

I probably should go to Hawaii one of these days. When I was a wee lad, I was disappointed that I was not born in Hawaii because I thought it was cooler back then ( my Mom would never make me live that down).

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