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Pho Lucky - Mira Mesa

Every month I go to Penasquitos to get my hair cut from a nice lady that I've been going to gor about 30+ years or so (if I find something good i stick with it). Usually afterwards, I'll find someplace to have lunch, usually in Mira Mesa. Since I had an appointment to have my taxes done in the early afternoon, the plan was just to head over to Hawaiian Fresh Seafood and get some Poke since it was in the general direction. Turns out we got carried away in conversation during my haitcut so I didn't have time to go to HSF. So I figured out an alternate place to eat.

I used to work in Sorrento Valley about 10 years ago and Pho Lucky was one of the lunch stops during that time. Not so much for the Pho, there was a chicken curry dish that I absolutely loved. It was a dish my coworker mistakenly got, but he didn't send it back. It looked good so I ordered it ever since.

I did learn that Pho Lucky closed down during the Pandemic. The Lucky Supermarket buffet next door served the curry chicken but it wasn't the same. I heard that Pho Lucky reopened last year. But, I heard that the curry dishes are no longer part of the menu. Bummer. I still wanted to check it out.

I must say, it is a major upgrade from the old setting. The furniture is pretty new and pristine. It seems a bit more high end than before. It is still attached to the ucky Supermarket but the door directly leading to it is blocked off.

Everything is well stocked. The staff is pretty attentive and have ordering devices so it's a little more hi-tech that most other Pho places. It was raining that day and lunch time so it was bustling.

The menu is pretty extensive. Not only do they serve Pho, but also Dac Biet, Vermicelli Rice Noodle bowl, Rice dishes, appetizers. But pretty standard Pho place items.

I picked the Pho where you can choose up to 3 toppings. I chose the rare steak, well done brisket, and fatty flank.

I do like that they serve it in metal bowls to reatin the heat. I usually try to remember to sample the broth before I douse it with hosin and sriracha sauce. The broth was decent. It was on the sweeter side and it didn't have much star anise flavor, but it still hit the spot. The protein were good. I liked the brisket and flank. the rare steak seems a little tough. The noodle seem thinner than most and a decent chew. I didn't ove it nor hate it. All in all a good bowl. But I misse the checkin curry.

Afterwards, i decided to get some roasted chestnut.

Pho Lucky (next to Lucky Supermarket)

9326 Mira Mesa Blvd

San Diego, CA 92126

Mon - Sun: 8am - 8:45pm

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Funny thing. Over the years we've done 28 posts on the place starting back in 2006. But only one under the new ownership. Found the new staff very nice, but the pho was not. And they didn't have Banh mi Bo Kho back on the menu yet. Though I heard it's back. I need to drop by.

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Ah, didn’t realize the new ownership but that explains the differences in menu. I remember at one time a free canned soda came with the meal. They even still have it advertised on their company vehicle 😂

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