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Sunmerry Bakery - Kearny Mesa

So on my way to the Target in Kearny Mesa, the one by the Costco Business Center and close to The Candy Shoppe (shame on you!), I passed by the The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill and Kitakata Ramen shop. I then notice the Sunmerry Bakery right next to both of them and my interest was piqued. I haven't seen them before and so they must be pretty new (upon my reseach after the visit, it looks like they've only been open a couple of months). Before I step into Target, I do a quick Yelp search and it looks like they have decent reviews, so I decide to stop by for a visit.

If you've ever been to an 85 Degree Bakery, it's pretty much the same concept, or just pretty much a clone. You grsb a tray and some tongs asnd choose your baked goods. The baked goods are the Asian fusion variety, both savory and sweet. You can choose from brioche donuts, garlic bread, cake, Tiramasu, Bolos, Conchas, cream puffs and many others.

There was a black sesame donut that looked interesting

Some savory goods: shredded pork buns, garlic bread, and I believe hot dog filled bread

Small but decent chilled grab and go section

Chilled case with cakes and cream puffs and such

A decent array of drinks. The usual suspects. It doesn't look like you can customize the drinks (ie. sweetness, boba , etc).

It is pretty small with only about 2 tables inside. The whole store was small and quaint. The workers there were pretty friendly and efficient, even though it was pretty busy. I got a pretty good vibe from this place.

This was my stash from the visit. I showed a little restraint (which I don't when it comes to Relic Bageri). I got the Bischoff and custard brioche donut and a Tiramasu. Not pictured is a Vietnamese coffee (which was nice and strong). The Bischoff donut was divine. It seemed pretty fresh. In addition to the cookie wedge into the donut, it had a nice Bischoff creme filling, which I would not be surprised if they used cookie butter for it. I forgo to take a picture of the filling.

The Tiramasu was pretty good although i didn't notice the cookie that's usually at the bottom. I only had a few spoonful so far.

Sunmerry Bakery is good alternative to the 85 Degree-type bakeries. I felt the baked good and drink prices were pretty reasonable for a new place. I think they opened a shop in Mira Mesa late last year. It's in a pretty decent location, with plenty of parking. It's a good after-dinner or after shopping destination.

Sunmerry Bakery

7951 Othello Ave Ste 102

San Diego, CA 92111

Monday - Sunday: 10AM - 7PM

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We would go to the Temple City or Rowland Heights locations of Sunmerry all the time Denver. A step above 85C in our opinion.


I really enjoyed them and will probably make it a stop after shopping in that area!


I'll have to check this place out, the donuts seem like a nice touch and I'm curious to try the tiramisu. At 85 Degrees I tend to be partial to the salted butter bread!


The donuts were really good, even the one I saved for the next day. I think you'll like the place!

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