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Singapore Airlines Business Class Review 2024 (SFO - SIN)

Updated: Feb 3

A few years ago, maybe 8+ years, I was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Singapore Airlines had a booth, with a full display of their Business Class seats. This was before I knew about their food culture and even before I had an inkling about going to Singapore. I was thoroughly impressed with their cabin. Their was a attractive representative there, most likely an actual Flight Attendant who was working the booth. All of the Singapore Airlines Flight Attendants are tall model-types and extremely easy on the eyes. I sat in the seat and was amazed. Through the years, I've heard that Singapore Airlines was consistently rated #1 in their service although I think Emirates may have taken the lead. This turned out to be one of my bucket list goals. I told the representative that someday I will fly in this Business Class seat. She probably was like "Sure, whatever". I showed her. Look at me now :D.

My brother and his wife were planning a South-East Asia trip in January 2024 and Singapore was on the list. They asked if I wanted to go and I initially said no, because I've already been there and being in IT, it was hard to line up a long PTO. I've been living vicariously through travel vloggers as they've been booking Business Class and First Class seats with credit card travel points and only paying ~$300+ dollars. I was determined to do the same thing. So I found a card that had a large signup bonus but you had to spend a certain amount in 6 months time. Peculiar thing was that I was awarded my points before I technically met the purchase criteria. I so wanted to fly Singapore Airlines so I figured maybe I could swing a trip in January..

I initially started looking for rewards flights through Singapore airlines but the dates I was looking had more points requirements than I had. Then I watch a Youtube video on how someone was able to score a good deal on Singapore Class. One trick I found was to book through Air Canada / Aeroplan. I was able to find a good deal for Business class both ways. So I was able to transfer points to the travel partner and use the point to book through Air Canda. The weird thing is that United is the main carrier for both flights, the first being an Economy flight to SFO on United, then the flight from SFO Business Class being operated by Singapore Airlines. I still didn't have enough points to cover the whole rewards flight and paid for some of the flight but it was still a fraction of the cost I would have paid out of pocket.

Anyway, on to the seats. I'm gonna be spoiled from now on. The seats we wide, spacious with controls galore for the large display and the seat. The screen was not a touchscreen, there was a smaller controller pad hidden behind the menu. Lots of different compartments to store items for easy access.

Preflight, had a warm towel and ordered a drink. Got a Singapore Sling because, you have to. And because it's $40 at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, where it was invented. And came with warm nuts. Nice.

Dinner was served maybe about an hour or two into the flight. Appetizer was a nice salad with grilled salmon. Very nice. And they provide real silverware and dishes.

So you can use the "Book the Cook" option for Singapore Airlines Business Class where you can order certain dishes not on the main menu ahead of your flight. There were alot of choices, some Malaysian or Indian. I chose the Baked Lobster. I was awesome. The lobsters were in chunks (like a lobster roll) and in a nice cream sauce with mushrooms and spinach underneath. Came with fingerling potatoes and asparagus.

For dessert, I chose the caramel walnut ice cream. Was nice and extremely sweet.

Pretty much after the meal, i was sleepy so the stewardess offered to make my seat into a bed. The great think is that it lays completely flat. The drawback is the you have to sleep at an angle if you want the full length (as in the second picture below) as there is no open space directly in front of you. Seemed to bother some vloggers but didn't bother me that much.

I slept fine considering I usually don't sleep that well outside my own bed. About 4 hours remaining for the flight, breakfast was served. First course was fresh fruit, yogurt, and a croissant (you had an assortment of bread to choose from). Very nice

From the "Book the Cook" menu I chose the Caramelized Onion Frittata and chicken sausages. The frittata was cooked nicely although i didn't really notice any caramelized onion. The sausages were pretty moist.

All in all, the flight lived up to the expectation and their reputation. The service and food were impeccable. And the Flight Attendants were very attentive, always addressing you with your last name. One thing I noticed on the flight, it was really smooth (and probably not unique to Singapore Airlines). When we were taking off, I had the blinds down, and I didn't realize when we were aleady in the air. Plus the cabin was depressurized really well, It was very quiet and I didn't have issues hearing conversations not issues with plugged up ears.. It was a 16 hour flight but I think I slept pretty well and it really didn't seem like that long of a flight. Also, the in-flight WIFI was workable but just for messaging and light social media. I was planning on working on this site during the flight it it wasn't going to happen.

Would I fly Singapore Airlines Business Class again? Abso-f*cking-lutely. Would I be able to fly again. Probably not. You only live once though.

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